Creating Your Investment Real Estate Vision

2 years ago

What a vision statement? This is a clear desired outcome for the future of your business. That’s what you think your business will be as one, two, five, ten, or however many years down the road. A vision statement shows every day of work a little easier. Many different challenges and obstacles arise, but a clear vision will help prioritize what takes you to your goal. And this is another clear element of wealthy Americans have in common. Its vision statement that gives the right direction to take at a given time and to have this management attention and allows you and your company to take appropriate action.

Vision consists of three stages: why are you doing in this business as it gets, and if the final destination.

In determining their final destination, understanding the “why” this is your final destination is important. Are you building a company that can create a legacy for your family? Or fill a passion or a dream? When you are “why” is bigger than any obstacle you encounter, you will find the strength to overcome all obstacles in their path.

Your actions and vision to match. If they do not, it will not work. I remember talking to a gentleman who tried to make the transition between jobs in the real estate investor. He looked to be an investor for several years but never really started. I asked him what he wanted out of being a real estate investor, how he wanted to live his life of 7 years from now. He said his vision: to sit on the beach in Hawaii, drinking drinks throughout the day and fancy cashing money in the mailbox, without the hassle of having to manage someone one.

I asked him what he thought real estate strategy to use. He told me he was a craftsman on hand, and as such, wanted to fix and flipper. In particular, it had about $ 100k in the bank, and wanted to use it to buy a house in the reduction, the correction to sell a profit, and live with an income.

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