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Selling and buying property is a complex legal process. It is probably the biggest transaction the one has ever made in his/her life. So there is a need to gather information as much as possible before buying and selling property. Real estate brokers or real estate agents are those persons who act as a mediator between the buyer and the seller. They are the professionals who search for sellers of property and buyers of property. After they find those persons, they arrange a meeting between them and negotiate with both of them about property matters.

Real Estate brokers or salespersons are two different persons in real estate industry. Both have different sets of responsibilities. The only thing that is common in them is that both work as real estate agents who have a license to advice public on issues related to their property. Brokers and salespersons have taken some formal courses about real estate and they have passed their broker exams. The difference is that salespersons work for the brokers. An agent is an independent person who works freely but for a salesperson, an umbrella of broker is always required. Brokers can work independently or for any other broker. Salesperson can take appropriate courses for becoming a professional broker. As US real estate brokers are more skilled, so they are legally more responsible for any errors that they make when dealing with their clients. They are also responsible for their salespersons or agents mistakes. They are earning more as compared to salespersons but they are also taking more legal responsibility.

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The responsibilities of US real estate agents includes helping in making bargaining and other offerings, guiding the buyer in applying for finance, inspection arrangements, helping buyers to find suitable property and completing all legal processes regarding property selling and buying. For seller, they find suitable buyers and help them in selling their property at highest possible rates available. There are certain rules and laws that should have to be followed by any real estate agent. These laws vary from country to country. In United States fair housing act is the most important law that is to be followed by the real estate agents.

When a person is looking for real estate agents in US, he/she should make a deal with most professional and experienced person because estate agent can either make or break a deal. Internet serves as the best tool for finding experienced agents. Similarly one can also go through reference of others to agents. It is recommended to take services of best agents available in order to avail fruitful results.

Last Real Estate News & Tips

Pricing Your Lake Tahoe Home to Sell

When it comes time to sell your home in Lake Tahoe, settling on your list price is one of the most important decisions you will make. All sellers want to command the highest price possible, while all buyers, of course, want to buy a house for the lowest amount they can. Finding the price in between that is just right for your home, its assets, and its area, is a process that involves many factors.

The first factor in pricing your home is, naturally enough, your home itself. The desirability of the property will be the deciding factor in what price to set. It's an excellent idea to get a home inspector on the premises to check out all aspects of the house, including the roof, electrical systems, and plumbing. Get a clean bill of health for your house if possible, and seriously consider making any needed repairs.

Buyers today want model-home houses. In fact, many buyers will not move in to a property if there is even a small amount of work that needs to be done. In a seller's market, you may be able to get away with selling a house that needs small improvements, but it will lower your list price.

Call in local Lake Tahoe real estate agents to help estimate the true market value of your home. It's best to get more than one opinion on this matter. Talk to appraisers and agents who work in your area and are familiar with the neighborhood, as they will be able to factor in the prices of surrounding properties, as well as the desirability of the area. However, don't spend money on getting a formal market appraisal.

Local real estate agents here in Lake Tahoe will have a better idea of the area and be able to price your house according to current market trends. Don't be afraid to point out certain features or traits of your home that may justify pricing it slightly higher. For example, if you have a bay window, or a carpeted basement that provides more potential living space, you have a slight edge over similar houses, and those factors should be taken into account.A good realtor will be able to take all of these factors into account when setting your list price.

Once you have settled on a fair price for your property, it's time to set your actual price tag. It's expected that most sellers will initially price their home at about 15 percent above its actual market value. The selling process will involve bargaining, and depending on the condition of the home, any possible repairs, and the amount of potential buyers, the amount it sells for will more than likely be less than the price for which you have it listed. So aim a little high and be prepared to receive various offers on your home based off your initial price.

If you've done your appraising and calculated correctly, when the final paperwork is signed you should be receiving an amount very close to your Lake Tahoe home's actual worth.

Is a Lake Tahoe Townhouse for You?

With the huge variety of real estate choices on the Lake Tahoe market today, many people aren't even clear on what a townhouse is, much less whether or not it's the right choice for them.

So what, exactly, is a townhouse?

A townhouse, also called a rowhouse, is actually very much the same thing as a condominium, with one technical difference. Both are housing units that are physically attached to other units on either side- thus the name rowhouse, since they stand in a row. But in a condominium, the land the houses stand on is owned by someone else.

A townhouse, on the other hand, means that the person living in the home owns the land it is sitting upon.

Townhouses can be single or multiple stories. Each townhouse has a small patch of yard or perhaps a patio in the back or front, and the lawns are divided equally among the houses.

This is a definite advantage over apartment living, where many housing units are in the same structure and thus there is no property division on the ground. Lake Tahoe townhouse owners are generally required to keep up their own section of lawn, and may be required to pitch into maintenance of any common areas as well.

So who benefits most from this style of living? For many people, the idea of living in an apartment grows old quickly. Having neighbors above, below, and around you can be tiresome; the lack of a yard is also a drawback. However, many people either cannot afford or do not wish to own a single family dwelling. Townhouses give buyers the option to own a house that is still part of a Lake Tahoe housing community.

Townhouses are ideal for the elderly, or for young families just starting out. The mutual walls give a sense of security, although of course there is also a loss of privacy. Having a small patch of yard to tend, rather than a full lot, can be a blessing for those who are unable to tend a full yard. A townhouse can be a great starter home for young couples with children.

Of course, because a townhouse is indeed part of a housing community, there are rules which homeowners must agree to follow. Often townhouses in and around Lake Tahoe are subject to the rules of housing associations, which limit decorations and modifications that can be made to houses or yards. Many townhouse communities prefer to present a unified front, and changes must be approved before they can be made.

For those who are interested in a community style of living but do not wish to remain in an apartment, a townhouse can be an excellent substitute. Townhouse living is available in all kinds of neighborhoods and in many different styles all over the United States. Whether you are on the Neveda or California side of the lake, town homes are available at all levels and offer the homebuyer a whole new range of options in Lake Tahoe.

US real estate: tax tips for Canadians

If you’re a Canadian and you’re planning to buy real estate in the United States, there are some important tax rules you should know about. In fact, this real estate tip applies to any non-US citizen buying property in that country. In short, you need to tell the IRS about any property purchases.

Explains H&R Block:

You must file a return for the property even if it’s only for personal use if you are in the United States for a certain number of days.

You should complete a substantial presence test calculation and determine if you need to file an 8840 Closer Connection Statement or 1040 return.

If you are renting the property, you must report the income in both Canada and the U.S.

You are required to complete a U.S. 1040NR every year to report your rental income.

As well, under the U.S.-Canada Tax Treaty, rental income is subject to a 30% withholding of the gross rent in the U.S. But you can make a one-time election that would allow you to pay tax on only the profit.

As the Canadian dollar continues to gain in value compared to the US greenback, there are more Canadians than ever before considering buying property south of the border. But there are serious tax implications.

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