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Selling and buying property is a complex legal process. It is probably the biggest transaction the one has ever made in his/her life. So there is a need to gather information as much as possible before buying and selling property. Real estate brokers or real estate agents are those persons who act as a mediator between the buyer and the seller. They are the professionals who search for sellers of property and buyers of property. After they find those persons, they arrange a meeting between them and negotiate with both of them about property matters.

Real Estate brokers or salespersons are two different persons in real estate industry. Both have different sets of responsibilities. The only thing that is common in them is that both work as real estate agents who have a license to advice public on issues related to their property. Brokers and salespersons have taken some formal courses about real estate and they have passed their broker exams. The difference is that salespersons work for the brokers. An agent is an independent person who works freely but for a salesperson, an umbrella of broker is always required. Brokers can work independently or for any other broker. Salesperson can take appropriate courses for becoming a professional broker. As US real estate brokers are more skilled, so they are legally more responsible for any errors that they make when dealing with their clients. They are also responsible for their salespersons or agents mistakes. They are earning more as compared to salespersons but they are also taking more legal responsibility.

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The responsibilities of US real estate agents includes helping in making bargaining and other offerings, guiding the buyer in applying for finance, inspection arrangements, helping buyers to find suitable property and completing all legal processes regarding property selling and buying. For seller, they find suitable buyers and help them in selling their property at highest possible rates available. There are certain rules and laws that should have to be followed by any real estate agent. These laws vary from country to country. In United States fair housing act is the most important law that is to be followed by the real estate agents.

When a person is looking for real estate agents in US, he/she should make a deal with most professional and experienced person because estate agent can either make or break a deal. Internet serves as the best tool for finding experienced agents. Similarly one can also go through reference of others to agents. It is recommended to take services of best agents available in order to avail fruitful results.

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