How to choose a Realtor to sell your home

2 years ago

Obviously this is a very important topic.  For most people their home is their biggest investment both financially and emotionally.  So finding the right realtor is almost like finding the right mate.  After all this is going to be a relationship and it needs (like marriage) to be a good one!  Besides the obvious… like your realtor should be licensed and in good standing with the board of realtors and active in MLS, the realtor you choose should be much more.

Reputation:  He or she should have a great reputation in the community.  There is more to life than making money, there is a lot to be said for doing the right thing and being honest.

Market Knowledge:  Your realtor should know the market, what homes comparable to yours are selling for and how your home should be priced.  I am not talking about pricing below the market but priced to competitively sell. 

Honesty:  A good realtor will tell you true value backed up with how they reached that number and not just tell you what you want to hear to get the listing.  They should tell you want you need to hear versus what you want to hear.

Market Exposure:   How do they network?  How will they expose your property to the market, for example how many internet sites, magazines, newspaper?  Do they use a professional photographer to shoot your home?  Do they create a professional brochure of your home?

One size doesn’t fit all:  Will the realtor you choose customize themselves to suit your needs?  We are all different,  so a good realtor needs to have the ability to communicate with you the way you like. This could be by emails, texts, phone calls… or all three.  And how often do you want that communication.  Feedback and communication are crucial in a successful relationship.

Creativity:  Find a creative realtor that can think outside the box, meet objections and also be a smart negotiator. Afterall, this person needs to be able to turn a listing into a contract into a successful happy closing.

Professional:  Your realtor should be professional, not just in business but also in appearance… They represent you, they are an extension of you and your home.

Fun Personality:  Last but not least, and I am very serious here…. Your realtor should be fun!  Yes, your realtor can be professional, successful, and fun!

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