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Unprofessional appraisal
We are quite disappointed in the unprofessional work with our appraisal. He did not contact us. His assistant contacted us thru text message. As a professional, that is not the way to do business. You pick up the phone and call your client. That should have been the red flag. His assistant took pictures using a cell phone. If you are a professional appraiser, use a proper camera. There were several items not included on the work up, comps used did not include the RV bay, etc. There was also no pictures of the upgraded kitchen at all. My neighbors appraisal last week with the same square footage and amenities with a 3 car garage came up at $376k. I've already placed a complaint with Amrock and will be adding one with the Real Estate board along with the BBB.

under values properties
My opinion of Adam's appraisals is that he doesn't follow the current market and has twice been assigned to refinance appraisals for us and undervalued the property by more than $50,000. I would not recommend using this appraiser. In May of 2014 our home appraised for $460,000 and the value has gone up since, but for a new refinance, Adam appraised it at $410,000, which blew our 80% LTV and we had to cancel the refi (similar event on a previous refi several years ago)
Even Zillow shows our current estimated value at $478,000.
I will ask for a different appraiser if I ever see that he is assigned to us again.

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