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Why reduce the equity in your home with hefty commissions? Leslie Lerner Properties is the HOME OF FLAT-FEE LISTINGS AND REBATED COMMISSIONS. Our innovative approach to real estate commissions MAXIMIZES YOUR ROI! Some would call Leslie Lerner Properties a “not so traditional” real estate company. That is true when it comes to the unique, personally designed commission structure, but where values and service are concerned, Leslie Lerner Properties is very traditional. We are modern in our belief that the general public is tired of paying high commission rates when much of the initial house shopping can be done online. READY TO SELL YOUR HOME? When selling your home, who wants their bottom line equity being reduced by hefty commissions payable upon closing? Leslie Lerner Properties understands that money matters and we are providing you with a way to keep money in your pocket. We are proud to offer a unique, flat-fee listing service. Buyer’s agents always have to be paid their full commission, but Leslie Lerner Properties will save you money. IN THE MARKET TO BUY A HOME? Leslie Lerner Properties is not your traditional real estate company. We are very modern in our thinking and know that you, the consumer, want to keep as much money in your wallet as possible. With that in mind, we have come up with a unique, money-saving commission structure. We always have to pay the cooperating agent their full commission, but Leslie Lerner Properties will save you money with their tiered, rebated commission structure. To find out more, see


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